Spotlight Add-On

Our drone-mounted spotlights are the answer for properties full of exotics, or for the savvy landowner who wants an even better idea of exactly what they have on their property. When an animal is located with the thermal camera, our pilots are able to turn on the spotlight and view the animal through the drone’s visible camera as well. Capable of 56x zoom, this camera paired with the spotlight is able to give you an up-close, detailed view of your animals, even in the middle of the night.

With our game map add-on, not only will you know the number of animals on your property, but their exact locations as well. By harnessing the geospatial EXIF technology built into the drone, a complete map of all wildlife spotted on the property can be constructed and provided as an interactive online model. These maps are invaluable when picking a new blind location, adding a new food or water source, etc. Check out an interactive map here.

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