Drone Surveying and Mapping of Texas Ranches

Collect better, more accurate data relating to your land and wildlife by leveraging modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology


Improve the way Texas ranchers collect information relating to their property using advanced drones with thermal capabilities.

Eliminate the costly, ineffective, and ecosystem-harmful practice of using helicopters to conduct game surveys.

Save property owners valuable time and money by developing a cost-effective, replicable method requiring virtually no landowner commitment while yielding the most accurate counts of game animals.


“I’m sold on infrared drone technology. We’ll start doing this every Feb to know how many fawns survived the winter and our final buck count going into summer. I haven’t found a more reliable method of counting our deer herd. Very impressive.”

- Ron W. | Berclair, TX

“Flew over the thickest, baddest brush and still saw lots of deer”

- Hector C. | San Diego, TX

“It was a neat process to observe. Your pilot did a great job.”

- Steven S. | Freer, TX

Drones in the News

"Thermal and infrared imagery has helped relating animals’ unique heat and visibility signatures to precisely count only deer"


"The drone counts are more full counts to provide better estimates"


 “Drones are more accurate and make it less likely deer are double-counted”


"The drone count for wildlife is a wonderful gauge for accuracy in numbers, far superior to other methods"


 Why Conduct an Aerial Game Survey?