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Sky Senderos setting up a thermal drone wildlife survey
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Why Conduct wildlife surveys?

Conducting a thermal drone survey with Sky Senderos allows you to collect the most accurate count of your wildlife population. Armed with this data, you can make more informed decisions about your hunting, habitat improvement, predator control and other wildlife management efforts.
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"I’m sold on infrared drone technology. We’ll start doing this every February to know how many fawns survived the winter and our final buck count going into summer. I haven’t found a more reliable method of counting our deer herd. Very impressive.”

Ron W.
Berclair, TX

"We had a great experience working with Sky Senderos. We border an Air Force base and thought that would be a huge problem when it came to flying drones in restricted airspace. Ethan was able to work with the Air Force and get clearance to perform an awesome survey. 100% recommend!"

Brandt B.
San Antonio, TX

Outstanding technology, professional service and very knowledgable personnel, both at the office and in the field. Excellent drone pilot. I'll never do another chopper survey and I highly recommend Sky Senderos!
The pilot was very responsible with all the gates and barely left a footprint."

Randy R.
New Braunfels, TX

"Great service and the survey provided excellent information to assist us in managing our property. The thermal survey provided a true count of our deer herd including buck to doe ratio and fawn crop. Ethan and his team were very professional. Highly recommend their service."

Brian A.  
Pettus, TX

"Ethan and his team did a wonderful job getting an animal count on my property in Alabama. Heavy cover no problem for these guys. Highly recommend."

Brad T.
Hanceville, AL

"Had a great experience watching these folks do their thing. Very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I will be using them again. I learned quite a bit about what my herd size. It’s better than spotlight surveys, trail cams, helicopters, etc. No comparison."

Brian B.
Early, TX

"I have done several different types of deer surveys including helicopter surveys and this was by far the best. Being able to see what the drone saw is very helpful. I will do it annually."

Kevin C.  
Mason, TX

"Great service and really nice guys! I finally feel like we have a good idea of all of the critters on our place- they saw deer, pigs, and even a porcupine. Really cool technology."

Scott K.
Brownwood, TX

"That was fantastic! I think we even got some great video that we can use for IG.  We flew over the thickest, baddest brush and still saw lots of deer. Definitely recommend!"

Hector C.
San Diego, TX

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